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Is A Property Owner Liable For Your Injuries?

Is A Property Owner Liable For Your Injuries?
Christian J. Amendt

As spring comes to Pomona Valley, there are many unfortunate opportunities for residents to get injured in accidents on other people’s properties. In many of these instances, a business owner or homeowner may incur some liability for these injuries, opening the door for the victims to make successful claims for the damages. Some kinds of injuries that involve premises liability are more common than others.

Dog bites

The mild temperatures of springtime bring dog owners and their pets out in droves to dog parks, city parks, beaches, mountain trails and almost everywhere there is a patch of sand or green space. While most of these animals may be well-trained, all it takes is one lunge from an unrestrained pet to leave victims scarred for life.

Depending upon the circumstances of the attack, both the dog’s owner and the owner of the property may be liable for the victim’s injuries.

Slips, trips and falls

Not every stumble results in a successful premises liability claim. However, without specific precautions in place to deal with slip, trip and fall hazards, people can often recover damages for their medical bills and other associated costs.

Were any of the following a factor in your recent trip-and-fall or slip accident?

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Unlit walkways
  • Missing railings
  • Wet floors, especially those from chronic, unaddressed sources, e.g., leaking coolers
  • Highly-polished surfaces that resist traction from soles
  • Unmarked changes in pavement elevation
  • Holes in parking lots

Improper signage or inadequate exits

One of the most lethal hazards attributable to building owners is the lack of clearly-marked safety exits for visitors, tenants and customers to access in the event that fire breaks out. This omission on the part of maintenance personnel or landlords can lead to mass casualties and devastating injuries.

It’s not always clear who may ultimately be responsible for an injured person’s damages. A Pomona personal injury attorney is one source for guidance and information after a slip-and-fall or tripping accident leaves you with injuries.

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