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Is Distracted Walking An Issue In Pomona?

Is Distracted Walking An Issue In Pomona?
Christian J. Amendt

Distracted walking may not be something you are familiar with. However, this is a huge issue in many communities in California. One community in Pomona, Montclair, has taken action to make sure this is not an issue anymore.

According to the LA Times, distracted walking is when pedestrians use their cell phones when walking and get distracted to the point that they do not pay attention to what is happening around them. This may lead to them walking into the roadway or ignoring street signs and putting themselves in danger.

Due to accident trends in Montclair, the council created a law making it illegal to use a cell phone when crossing the road. This includes talking on the phone and texting. It also includes listening to music with two earbuds in.

Distracted walking puts all the responsibility on drivers, which is unfair. Pedestrians have to look out for their own safety and obey pedestrian laws. If they do not, it can lead to accidents and serious injuries. With the new law, responsibility is a shared things once again, which helps makes roadways safer for everyone.

The first time law enforcement finds you walking distracted due to cell phone use, you will get a warning. After that, you face a $100 fine. While this may not be a huge fine, your safety is not worth the risk. Put the cell phone away so you can pay attention fully and stay safe. This information is for educational use only. It is not legal advice.

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