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Keep Calm When Someone Else Is Tailgating

Keep Calm When Someone Else Is Tailgating
Christian J. Amendt

Tailgating is so frustrating because that driver is actively putting you in danger. The odds of an accident go up massively when someone is just a few feet from your bumper. Any sudden slowing of nearby traffic could cause a crash that seriously injures you or kills a loved one. You know that crash could easily be avoided if the other driver would just back off.

Despite how frustrating it is, it’s important to keep your cool. Stay calm. Don’t do anything to increase the danger. For instance, many people like to tap their brakes, but this is an aggressive maneuver that can make an accident more likely.

Instead, if possible, just let it go. If it’s a two-lane road, for example, take the first opportunity to move over and let the other driver by. You may feel wronged — they put you in very real danger and then got what they wanted with no consequences — but you need to focus on staying safe.

At the same time, though, remember that the only speed limit you have to obey is the official one posted by the state. Just because someone else wants to speed does not mean you have to speed up. Be sure you always follow the traffic laws and ignore the tailgater.

If you feel like it’s turning into a road rage situation, just have your passenger use a cellphone to call the police. Don’t put yourself in more danger by breaking traffic laws just because someone else wants to do so.

When an accident is caused by a reckless driver who is tailgating, make sure you know if you have a legal right to financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, funeral costs and much more.

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