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Man Killed, Woman Injured In A Motorcycle Accident Near Modesto

Man Killed, Woman Injured In A Motorcycle Accident Near Modesto
Christian J. Amendt

Motorcyclists in California no doubt enjoy the freedom that the unique natures of their vehicles offer. Yet the escalated risk of suffering a serious injury in a car accident may offset that freedom. Knowing that risk, motorcyclists often remain ultra-attentive on the road in order to avoid collisions.

Yet their additional caution can only go so far. Plau, the job of accident avoidance does not solely fall to motorcyclists. Motorists must also exercise care to ensure they see motorcyclists on the roads around them (and to yield to those motorcyclists when the situation dictates it). Sadly, a failure to do so usually has a disproportionate impact on those driving motorcycles.

Collision near Modesto kills motorcyclist

A recent collision between a motorcycle and an SUV confirms this fact. Per the local CBS News affiliate, local officials reported that the woman driving the SUV attempted to overtake slower traffic by passing vehicles in the oncoming lanes. She failed to initially see a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman coming from the opposite direction. The two vehicles collided head-on. The driver of the SUV escaped injury, while first responders declared the male motorcyclist dead at the scene, while others rushed his female passenger to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Liability for negligent action

While few may argue that in this case (or others like it), motorists had no intention of causing harm. Yet their lack of intent does not overrule their negligence. When others suffer from that negligence, they may reasonably seek a liability claim. Such action may occur on behalf of one who dies in such a scenario (as occurred in this particular scenario).

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