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More Caffeine Equals Less Safety For Truck Drivers

More Caffeine Equals Less Safety For Truck Drivers
Christian J. Amendt

Even though there are fewer cars on California roads right now, you may have noticed that there are still plenty of trucks that need to make deliveries. These drivers are striving to keep stores stocked. Unfortunately, some of these motorists are relying on caffeine to power them through long stretches behind the wheel.

The dangers of caffeine

A recent study compared the crash numbers of drivers who use large amounts of caffeine regularly versus those who use only small amounts. The numbers showed that drivers who drink more than five cups of coffee a day are 6% more likely to be involved in a crash than those who drink just one cup a day. Truck drivers who consume a high amount of caffeine are more likely to have other unhealthy habits such as smoking and poor diets. The combination of all of these factors can lead to them being less alert behind the wheel and more likely to have slower reaction times.

Should drivers avoid caffeine?

Researchers did not document how caffeine makes truck drivers less safe. They only found a correlation between caffeine and crashes. Accordingly, they did not reach the conclusion that drivers should avoid caffeine entirely. A cup of coffee can still provide a short-term energy boost for drivers from time to time when they need it. This research is just a starting point, and it is still to be determined how much caffeine truck drivers can safely drink with regularity. In the meantime, you are at risk from drivers who drink too much coffee to stay awake.

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