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More Motorcycle Riders Prompt More Safety Accessories

More Motorcycle Riders Prompt More Safety Accessories
Christian J. Amendt

Perhaps you have noticed that there are more motorcycles than ever on Southern California’s highways these days. In fact, you may be a motorcycle rider yourself. To help keep motorcyclists upright and accident-free, manufacturers continue to introduce innovative safety features, both for the bikes and the riders themselves.

Safer garments

Airbags in vehicles save over 2,000 lives annually, and now airbags, with their accompanying sensors, are available for motorcycle vests and jackets. The airbag is instantly deployed when the sensor detects an impact, protecting the rider’s chest and vital organs. Impact technology is also now incorporated into boot design to protect feet and ankles by absorbing much of the impact in a crash.

Helmet built-ins

Helmets are a prime safety accessory. The newest designs have built-in GPS systems and rearview cameras so you can see what is going on behind you and avoid problems associated with blind spots.

Better stability

Motorcycle accidents often occur when a rider is either accelerating or braking when making a turn. There are new stability control systems that analyze both lean angle and traction data, then make adjustments to provide the proper amount of acceleration or braking.

The new trikes

The new, three-wheeled motorcycles provide greater balance for riders than traditional two-wheeled bikes. Their popularity is increasing, especially among senior riders whose numbers are also increasing. For example, the trikes are easier to handle than a heavy Harley or Indian, and seniors like the streamlined looks of the three-wheelers.

Addressing vulnerability

Motorcycle riding is fun, economical and a great way to get around, especially in Southern California, given the wonderful climate. However, you must always be aware of your vulnerability and the potential for a crash with resulting injuries, some of which could become life-changing medical issues. This is more than enough reason for keeping up with the latest innovations. Any feature or accessory that keeps you safer on the road is worth considering.

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