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Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles, CA, for Car Accidents (2024)

Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles, CA, for Car Accidents (2024)
Christian J. Amendt

Los Angeles has a reputation as being one of the most challenging and dangerous places to drive in the state. Each year, Los Angeles County reports higher countywide accident rates than any other county, and the Los Angeles metropolitan area is full of high-risk intersections that all drivers must know. A California car accident lawyer could help you recover if you experienced an accident in Los Angeles.

Most Dangerous Intersections in LA

It’s important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible after you have had an accident in Los Angeles. They can help prove fault for the accident, file a car insurance claim against the at-fault driver, and build a personal injury case for you if necessary. However, while you cannot always anticipate the actions of other drivers on the road, you can limit your risk of causing an accident by knowing the highest-risk areas in Los Angeles.

According to the most recently available accident data for Los Angeles, a few of the most dangerous intersections are:

  • South Vermont Avenue at the intersections of West Manchester Avenue and West Florence Avenue
  • West Manchester Avenue and Normandie Avenue
  • Victory Boulevard and Lindley Avenue
  • East Manchester Avenue and Avalon Boulevard
  • Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard
  • San Pedro Street and Washington Boulevard

These are just a few of the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles. Not only is the downtown area extremely busy with traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but many of these intersections include multiple lanes and traffic patterns that are confusing for drivers who are new to the area.

A few of the most common causes of accidents at these intersections include speeding, moving violations such as running red lights, illegal turns, and driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

What to Do After an Accident in Los Angeles

The first steps you take following a car accident in Los Angeles are very important. State law requires that you call 911 to report any accident that results in property damage, bodily injury, or death, and you must remain at the scene of the crash until first responders arrive. You should seek medical attention immediately, even if you think you only suffered minor injuries. You may have been hurt worse than you realize because some injuries aren’t immediately noticeable.
Once you have resolved the immediate aftermath of your accident, you should reach out to a California car accident lawyer as soon as possible. If another driver is directly responsible for causing the accident, you can file a claim against their auto insurance policy to seek compensation for your damages. However, if they do not have insurance or they do not have enough coverage to fully compensate you, you will need to file a personal injury claim.
An experienced attorney can be crucial not only for constructing your case but also for maximizing your recovery. You may have grounds to claim more compensation than you realize, and the right attorney can help streamline and maximize your receipt of compensation for your damages. The sooner you connect with an attorney, the more time they will have to work on your case.


Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident?

A: Proving fault for your recent car accident is an essential first step in recovering your damages. You must identify the driver who caused your accident and prove how they caused it before you can recover any compensation. It’s possible for one or more parties to share fault, and an experienced car accident lawyer will know what evidence you will need to establish fault in your case.

Can You Settle a Car Accident Case Privately?

A: Yes, it is possible to settle a car accident case privately as long as both parties agree to negotiate a settlement. Most personal injury cases filed are settled privately because this allows the parties involved to resolve their case more quickly and more quietly than litigation would allow. However, if the parties cannot negotiate a settlement, the case will need to go to trial.

Do You Need to Call the Police After a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

A: State law requires drivers to call 911 and report any car accident that results in significant property damage, bodily injury, or death. Failure to do so can lead to fines and other penalties, so if you are unsure whether you need to report an accident in Los Angeles, you should err on the side of caution and report it. Do not leave the accident scene until the police arrive and allow you to go.

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

A: Hiring an attorney to help you with your recovery efforts following a car accident in Los Angeles can make every facet of the recovery process easier to manage, and you will be more likely to maximize your case award with their assistance. Your attorney can help gather evidence to prove fault, file your auto insurance claim, and build a comprehensive personal injury suit when insurance can’t fully cover your damages.

What Does It Cost to Hire a California Car Accident Lawyer?

A: The majority of attorneys representing personal injury cases accept clients on a contingency fee basis. When you have a contingency fee agreement with your attorney, they will only take a percentage of your final case award as their fee, and only if and when they win your case. There is no fee if they cannot obtain compensation for you. Some attorneys charge by the hour, so always verify an attorney’s billing policy before hiring them.

The team at Amendt Law is ready to help you recover from your recent accident in Los Angeles. Our firm has successfully resolved many car accident claims for past clients in the area, and we are ready to leverage our experience and resources for you in your impending case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team and find out how we can help.

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