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Motorists Should Be Wary Of Drunk Drivers This Memorial Day Weekend

Motorists Should Be Wary Of Drunk Drivers This Memorial Day Weekend
Christian J. Amendt

As it almost always tends to do, summer is fast-approaching Californians. With less than a month away, Memorial Day weekend will be here before we know it. While this means the beginning of summer and other fun festivities, it also means an increase in drunk drivers on the road. Motorists should be extra careful the weekend of Memorial Day as drunk drivers cause some of the most serious accidents and injuries. In many cases they are unfortunately fatal ones.

According to the California Highway Patrol in their 2013 annual report, in that year alone there were 16,060 alcohol involved fatal and injury collisions. Over a thousand of these alcohol-related collisions were fatal. Nearly 200 of these fatal collisions happened in April and May (the Memorial Day season). These are staggering numbers and ones that California drivers should not take lightly.

What are some things you can do to have a safer Memorial Day weekend? One, is to be a safer driver yourself. Put down the cell phone or other digital device and focus on driving. The more alert you are yourself as a driver the better position you are in to handle an unexpected situation. Secondly, plan on a sober ride if you are going to consume alcohol. You can help contribute to safer roads by not drinking and driving yourself. Third, wear your seatbelt. If you are on the roads and highways this Memorial Day weekend, you can increase your chances of survival by wearing your seatbelt. Lastly, report any suspicious drivers. Prevention is key and if you can prevent just one drunk driving accident you could be saving a life.

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