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Operating A Different Type Of Vehicle And The Risk Of A Crash

Operating A Different Type Of Vehicle And The Risk Of A Crash
Christian J. Amendt

There are many different behaviors which can lead to a motor vehicle crash, such as someone choosing to get behind the wheel after having one too many or a driver paying no attention to speed limits. However, there are less obvious risks and examples of dangerous driving, which may not receive very much attention. For example, inexperienced drivers may pose risks to themselves and others, and even someone who has been driving for many years may be inexperienced in certain ways when they get behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle.

Someone who has driven a small vehicle for many years may have difficulty adjusting to a much larger vehicle, such as a van or a truck. Likewise, someone who is used to driving in a very large vehicle may struggle to adjust to how different it is to get behind the wheel of a very small vehicle. There are all sorts of reasons why people drive different types of vehicles, whether they borrow a friend’s car for the day, rent a car while on vacation or purchase a new vehicle.

Operating a different type of vehicle can be risky in different ways. Some drivers may have difficulty with issues such as seeing and paying attention to the road properly, adjusting various settings and even becoming used to sitting higher or lower in the vehicle. On the road, these distractions and this type of inexperience can be disastrous, whether a driver reacts to a hazard too slowly or they cause a crash because they are having difficulty operating a new vehicle altogether.

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