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Outside Experts Help To Establish The Cause Of A Vehicle Crash

Outside Experts Help To Establish The Cause Of A Vehicle Crash
Christian J. Amendt

Evidence gathered at the scene of a vehicle crash can provide significant information that assists in determining the cause of the accident.

The legal team working on behalf of the crash victim may bring other professionals into the investigation, including accident reconstructionists and injury biomechanics experts.

Finding roadway evidence

Law enforcement officers who come to the site of a vehicle crash will mark areas of interest with spray paint and flags. They will also write a report but usually will not spend a great deal of time looking at roadway evidence. That job falls to others who support those involved in the crash. Because weather conditions and ongoing traffic can cause evidence to vanish, investigations at the accident scene must commence as soon after the crash as possible.

Engaging outside professionals

Advocates who support the accident victim may not only include a legal team but also outside professionals. Accident reconstructionists will find and examine every kind of roadway evidence from tire tracks to vehicle debris. Biomechanics experts will study the consequences of accident impact, often using information provided by a vehicle’s EDR or event data recorder.

Analyzing the evidence

The victim of a vehicle crash might sustain serious injuries that will require care and treatment well into the future, if not for a lifetime. Evidence gathered at the scene of the accident can assist in piecing together a whole picture that shows how the crash happened and identify the negligent party. To this end, outside experts can help in the pursuit of securing full and fair compensation to cover the victim’s current and future medical expenses and more.

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