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Pedestrian Accidents During The Summer Months

Pedestrian Accidents During The Summer Months
Christian J. Amendt

With summer around the corner, many people are looking forward to fireworks, days at the beach, family vacations and celebrations. However, this can be a dangerous time of year when it comes to traffic accidents, especially with regard to pedestrian accidents. While many children look forward to having a break from school, they may spend far more time near the road, whether they are riding bikes or walking around with friends. Moreover, some adults may be more likely to go for walks at certain times of day due to more favorable weather conditions (especially in certain parts of the country) and many people will find themselves in a pedestrian accident this summer.

In many states, the summer months can also bring heat waves and brutal temperatures, which can make drivers as well as pedestrians feel sluggish. For example, a pedestrian who is exhausted due to high temperatures may be more likely to walk in the way of traffic or pay less attention while trying to cross a street, and drivers may also be less attentive while behind the wheel during a heat wave. Certain occasions, such as the Fourth of July, can also lead to a significant increase in the number of pedestrians and people near the road, as well as alcohol intoxication, which can significantly increase the chances of someone being hit by a vehicle.

If you are struck by a vehicle while going for a walk or standing alongside the road, it is pivotal to explore all of your options during the recovery process.

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