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Poor Lighting And Premises Liability Claims

Poor Lighting And Premises Liability Claims
Christian J. Amendt

It’s not too much to ask that when someone is legally on another person’s property that he or she feels safe. This can come in various forms, one of which is proper lighting. Lighting is a popular way to protect property from burglars, enhance curb appeal and light the way so visitors know where to walk. Well, poor lighting can lead to premises liability claims in California.

It is the responsibility of a property owner to provide visitors with a safe experience. They are also responsible for inspecting their property frequently in an effort to find any issues or hazards that could harm others. If hazards are found, repairs should be made promptly to prevent injury. If repairs are not made and someone is injured, the property owner could very well be held liable.

A property with poor lighting can cause quite a bit of different problems for visitors. People can trip over objects lurking in the dark, can be attacked by a person lurking in the shadows, can fall down poorly lit steps and suffer serious injuries.

Victims of poor property lighting can suffer broken bones, burns, abrasions, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and much more. The recovery time alone could keep the victim out of work for an extended period.

In order to win a premises liability claim involving poor lighting, you must be able to prove that you were visiting the property legally and that you were not trespassing. You will also need to show the court that the owner knew of the lighting problem and failed to fix it. The final thing you need to show is that your injury was a direct result of the poor lighting.

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury due to poor lighting on someone else’s property? If so, contact our firm to discuss your case and find out how you can file a premises liability claim against the property owner in California.