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Porsche E-Mails Under Fire After Walker Motor Vehicle Accident

Porsche E-Mails Under Fire After Walker Motor Vehicle Accident
Christian J. Amendt

The daughter of deceased actor Paul Walker is accusing auto company employees of misconduct in the way they casually referenced her father’s death in internal communication. Reports show that messages surrounding Walker’s death made light of his crash and other similar motor vehicle accidents. Walker’s daughter is embroiled in a wrongful death suit in connection with her father’s fatal crash. Walker, 40, died in 2013 when his vehicle crashed in Santa Clarita, California.

Documents submitted in court for that case show that internal communications made jokes about “another [car] bites the dust.” Other messages referenced the fact that surviving Porsche owners would be pleased that their vehicles were becoming more scarce because of the number of deadly crashes. Walker’s was far from the only fatal accident associated with the Porsche Carrera GT, some 200 of which were totaled in the first two years of production and sales. A total of 1,280 vehicles were sold in that same time period.

Attorneys in the case say those startling statistics should have caused the car manufacturer to rethink its sales strategy or pull the vehicle from the market altogether. Those representatives have called Porsche unethical for failing to consider such actions, or at least educate the public about the risks of operating the Carrera GT. Walker’s daughter is seeking more than $50,000 in compensation from the company in connection with the inappropriate e-mails.

Surviving family members may be eligible for additional benefits after a fatal accident kills their loved one. In addition to funeral expenses and medical expenses, more money may be available for pain and suffering in connection with the loss of a loved one. A qualified attorney can provide additional information about victims’ rights and responsibilities in court.

Source: People, “Paul Walker’s Daughter Alleges Porsche Staffers Sent Emails Joking About Car Crashes: Lawsuit,” Jodi Gugliemi, Feb. 16, 2017

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