Premises Liability Claims Involving Residential Property

Christian J. Amendt

An injurious accident can happen virtually anywhere and at any time, but if a landlord fails to keep his or her property safe and free of potentially dangerous obstacles, it increases the chances of injury even more. When it comes to tenants who are injured at their rented residences, and when those injuries are deemed to be the fault of the landlord or property manager, it could give rise to a premises liability claim.

Let’s take a look at the liability components that must be present in order for a tenant to succeed in his or her residential property-related premises liability action:

— The landlord or property manager was in control of the condition that resulted in the accident and subsequent injuries.

— The landlord or property manager would not have incurred unreasonable expenses or difficulty in repairing the issue that led to the injury.

— The landlord or property manager knew or should have known that his or her failure to resolve the issue could have resulted in an injury.

— The tenant’s injuries were the result of the landlord or property manager’s failure to take reasonable action to fix the issue.

Pomona tenants who were hurt due to dangerous conditions on their rented properties may be able to file personal injury actions in civil court to try and recoup the costs of their medical care from their negligent landlords and/or property managers. By speaking with an experienced New York premises liability attorney at the Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt, injured parties can review the facts of their cases and learn more about their legal rights and options are.