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Reckless Driving Examples

Reckless Driving Examples
Christian J. Amendt

Reckless driving can take many forms, and odds are that you’ll know it when you see it — especially if it leads to an accident. It means that the driver isn’t just making mistakes or casually violating basic traffic laws. He or she is negligent driving in a clearly unsafe manner, far beyond the norm, and that dangerous behavior is often clear — and sometimes shocking — to see in person.

For instance, a person could face reckless driving charges for passing while going up a hill. There will be a double line indicating that it’s a no-passing zone. The driver has absolutely no visibility and has no idea if the other lane is open or if there’s another car about to crest that hill. Trying to pass puts everyone in danger.

Excessive speed is also often cited in reckless driving cases. This is more than just going 60 in a 55 mph zone, something everyone has done. Often, reckless drivers are going 20 to 25 mph faster than they should. They’re willfully breaking the speed limit and, on the interstate, may be nearing 100 mph. This reduces reaction times, makes compounding mistakes more likely and really increases the risk for everyone else on the road.

Other examples include:

  • Illegal racing.
  • Driving too fast in a school zone.
  • Road rage.
  • Running from the police.
  • Intentionally blocking other cars.
  • And more.

Did a reckless driver cause an accident that put you in the hospital? You need to know if you have a right to financial compensation for everything from lost wages to high medical bills.

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