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Should Everyone Drive A Lime Yellow Car?

Should Everyone Drive A Lime Yellow Car?
Christian J. Amendt

You do see lime yellow cars in California, but they are not nearly as common as the black sedans and SUVs that seem to cover the roadways. Even car buyers who don’t choose black often go with gray, dark blue or other similar tones.

But would everyone be safer if more people chose lime yellow vehicles? You can make that argument. For decades, researchers have said that fire and rescue vehicles should use lime yellow paint to make them stand out. Remember, they’re just focusing on function and safety, not aesthetic appeal. That’s the brightest color that stands out the most, so it protects them.

In fact, according to one study, black vehicles are “47 percent more likely to be involved in road accidents” than vehicles with paint jobs in any color other than black. They just blend right into the road and into their surroundings. The safest color that has the greatest visibility? Without a doubt, it’s lime yellow.

In fact, you often see this advice with motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Safety experts recommend that they wear high-visibility vests or jackets. Some recommend reflective clothing for any activities after dark. The relationship between safety and visibility is well- documented.

And yet, for some reason, this same advice does not often find its way toward drivers. They continue to pick the least visible and most dangerous cars that they can, and accidents continue to be a leading cause of injuries and death in the United States.

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