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Some Accidents Can Lead To Lifelong Spinal Cord Injuries

Some Accidents Can Lead To Lifelong Spinal Cord Injuries
Christian J. Amendt

Accidents of all sorts can cause someone to suffer from an injury to their spinal cord. While it’s possible that minor spinal cord injuries might heal without the victim having any long-term issues, more serious injuries will likely lead to lifelong challenges. There are certain signs that doctors look for when they’re trying to determine how likely a person is to have a full recovery from damage to their spinal cord.

One of the key points that they look for is whether there is any function or sensation below the level of the injury. If there is, the injury is likely incomplete. This means that there’s a better chance for recovery than what’s possible in a complete spinal cord injury. A complete injury is one in which there isn’t any sensation or function below the level of the injury.

The location of the injury can also play a role in how well a person will recover and what type of function they’ll regain. Injuries that are higher on the spine impact a larger area of the body. Only areas below the level of the injury are affected by the damage.

For a person who suffers a spinal cord injury, having to get medical care and assistance with normal daily activities can become costly. These individuals might choose to seek compensation from the negligent party that caused the incident. This can help them to minimize the financial damage they have to deal with because of the injury. There are time limits for doing this so be sure to act quickly after your accident.

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