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Study Shows That Distracted Teens Cause Vehicle Crashes

Study Shows That Distracted Teens Cause Vehicle Crashes
Christian J. Amendt

California residents may have heard that Teen Driver Safety Week is set to occur from Oct. 20 to Oct. 26, and MSU researchers have already released information about teen drivers from a study conducted between 2011 and 2013. Researchers tracked the driving habits of 3,400 drivers with the help of monitoring instruments. The study offered researchers a surprising amount of information regarding events occurring inside and outside vehicles. In comparison with traditional studies, this study offered previously undiscovered information about what causes vehicle crashes.

It is not surprising to learn that many crashes were caused by distractions related to cellphone usage. Researchers studied how often drivers became distracted. Results led to recording 60 types of coded categories related to distracted driving. These categories included texting, browsing the web, talking on cellphones and listening on cellphones. Even though using cellphones while driving is linked to many automobile accidents and truck accidents, drivers also become distracted for many other reasons.

A good example occurs when a driver looks at distracting objects such as collisions outside their vehicles. This type of rubbernecking, along with similar distractions, frequently causes motor vehicle accidents and car accident injuries. Automobile accidents are also caused by drivers who continue to hold their cellphones for lengthy periods while they talk, text or browse. It does not matter which kind of distraction takes place; the bottom line is that teenagers represent drivers who are involved in the most intense types of distractions while driving.

Per researchers involved in the study, teen drivers should not keep their cellphones within easy reach while driving their vehicles. Whether people are involved in motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents or truck accidents, seeking legal advice from a personal injury attorney may help. Injured parties have legal rights to file claims against negligent drivers.

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