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Swimming Pool-Related Accidents In Pomona, California

Swimming Pool-Related Accidents In Pomona, California
Christian J. Amendt

This time of year, the temperatures in Pomona are extremely hot. What’s the best way to cool off when the thermometer is going through the roof? How about taking a fresh dip in a cool swimming pool?

Private swimming pools are a luxury beyond measure during the summer months, and those who happen to own one — or those who have friends who own one — can benefit greatly from their refreshing benefits. That said, owning a swimming pool comes with great responsibility, and those who shirk those responsibilities could bear the blame for causing a serious and even fatal accident. They could also be financially liable for the incident.

Owners of private pools are not only liable for accidents that happen during supervised swimming time when invited guests are visiting. They are also liable when no one is home and people enter the property uninvited.

Furthermore, putting up a sign that says, “No Trespassing,” is not enough. Owners may still be liable in the event that someone is injured. For this reason, it is important for pool owners to secure their pool so it is inaccessible to strangers and neighbors — especially children — who might enter the property and access the pool without an invitation.

Alcohol consumption is also an area of liability. If a pool owner allows guests to become overly inebriated, it can create liability issues in the event of a swimming accident. The same with unattended children. Children must be closely monitored at all times to prevent a drowning.

Pomona residents who have suffered a pool-related accident — and it might not be related to drowning as it could also be injuries caused by a slip-and-fall — may want to look into the liability of the pool owner. If the pool owner’s negligence resulted in a slip-and-fall event or drowning, those who were affected by the incident may have strong claims for financial restitution in court.

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