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Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc After A Car Accident

Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc After A Car Accident
Christian J. Amendt

No one is immune from getting into a car accident. A few months ago in Pomona, a police officer crashed into a civilian vehicle, resulting in minor injuries to the other driver.

After a motor vehicle accident of any severity, all parties involved need to go to the doctor. You may not be aware of the full extent of your injuries, and you could have sustained something serious, such as a herniated disc.


The rush of adrenaline that is typical to experience after a car accident may prevent you from being aware of the arm and leg pain that often accompanies a herniated disc. This pain can resonate throughout your calf, thigh and buttocks. In the event the herniated disc occurred toward the upper part of the spine, then the pain will be more severe around the neck and shoulders. Many people also report feeling numbness, weakness and tingling in the same areas.


When you tell the doctor you were recently in a car accident, he or she will know to test for a herniated disc. In addition to asking you many questions, the doctor will also conduct some imaging tests to see if you sustained a herniated disc. Some of the basic tests will examine your reflexes and ability to walk. X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography are more intensive tests to determine conclusively how your spine held up.


In minor cases, conservative treatments can help significantly. Your doctor may recommend getting plenty of exercise and taking over-the-counter medications. In this case, you should notice an improvement in symptoms within a few weeks. However, more extreme cases will require more intensive treatments. Some patients will need to go to physical therapy to help minimize the pain from the herniated disc. In rare cases, the person will need to undergo surgery to remove the protruding portion of the disc.