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Texting Behind The Wheel Is Still A Problem In 2020: Here’s Why

Texting Behind The Wheel Is Still A Problem In 2020: Here’s Why
Christian J. Amendt

If you have a cell phone, then you have probably sent a text at one time or another. It’s not smart to do so, but drivers do it anyway. Why? They may feel rushed to respond to a text or be waiting for important information. They could want to continue a conversation or simply be checking in with their loved ones.

Unfortunately, texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do in your vehicle. If you text and drive, you could take your eyes off the road long enough to cause a serious crash. On top of that, texting requires you to take your hands off the wheel and to think about something other than driving, which heightens your risk of being involved in a collision.

Texting and driving is more common than ever

Though there are laws to stop it, texting is more common than ever thanks to the growth of technology. In fact, around 25% of crashes in the United States involve the use of a cell phone. Around 390,000 crashes resulting in injuries occur every year because of texting.

Texting makes you less alert

Texting makes you less alert, which is a concern on the roads. In fact, teens who choose to use their phones have the same reaction times as 70-year-old drivers, on average. Just picking up the cell phone to use it also increases the risk of a collision by 23%.

What all of this is trying to explain is that texting and driving do not go together. If you’re hit by someone who decided to risk texting and driving, then you deserve to make a claim and hold them accountable.

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