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The Costs Of ATV Accident Injuries Are Astounding

The Costs Of ATV Accident Injuries Are Astounding
Christian J. Amendt

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be fun, but they come with a very high level of risk. The costs of care after an accident are astounding.

One study claimed that just a half a dozen people who were disabled in these crashes would likely need around $11.5 million. That money was just for long-term care, and the study did project that each person would live to the age of 65.

As such, that’s just a baseline. Costs could be higher. If the person lived to age 75, for instance, that’s another decade of necessary care. Plus, those costs don’t take into account things like emergency treatment and lost wages. A person who is injured and can no longer work could stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars in wages annually.

Part of the issue is that many ATV injuries are to the head and neck. These can be fatal or cause life-long disabilities.

Wondering who is at risk? The statistics show that young people suffer head injuries and other severe injuries far more often than older adults. Teenagers and adolescents are in the most danger, meaning that injuries could also have a drastic impact on their families, their parents and the family’s financial situation.

These aren’t costs that can be ignored. Injuries can change lives forever. There can be endless bills. All it takes is one split-second decision to have such a dire impact. If you or one of your children are hurt in an ATV crash caused by another reckless or negligent driver, it’s absolutely crucial to know if you have a right to financial compensation.

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