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The Dangers Of Rolling Stops

The Dangers Of Rolling Stops
Christian J. Amendt

During a California driver’s test, one of the first things that examiners will be looking for is if you are stopping properly at every red light and stop sign. This means stopping the car entirely and not on top of the crosswalk. The reason for this is because many people conduct what is called a rolling stop. A rolling stop involves the slowing down of the vehicle but not stopping entirely. This, of course, is a very dangerous thing to do. Thus the following includes further information on the risks of rolling stops.

Pedestrian injuries

Unfortunately, many of the reported pedestrian accidents are in connection to a rolling stop. There are a number of reasons for this type of accident occurring. First is that a pedestrian is expecting you to stop at a stop sign or red light. This gives them the confidence to begin to walk down the crosswalk. Issues occur when the driver does not fully stop, and thus the car continues to pull through the crosswalk where pedestrians would be walking.

Vehicle accidents

In some cases, people will defend a rolling stop because they don’t see any pedestrians on the road. However, an MVA doesn’t just occur with people but with other vehicles as well. When a driver conducts a rolling stop, they are placing themselves in danger of colliding with another car. Other drivers may believe that you’re stopping and continue to accelerate towards the intersection.

Right-hand turns

Drivers will often defend their choice to do a rolling stop when turning right. They claim that they do this because they need to see the other vehicles before turning. Although looking for other cars is important, a rolling stop also places pedestrians in danger as you are likely focused on the cars coming from the other lane than the people walking on the sidewalk.

If you’ve been injured by a driver that has conducted a rolling stop, then it is incredibly important to obtain an attorney as soon as possible. Doing so may increase the chances of receiving proper compensation at a reasonable time.

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