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The Hidden Dangers Of Texting And Driving

The Hidden Dangers Of Texting And Driving
Christian J. Amendt

It is well-known that texting and driving can be just as hazardous as other interferences that occur behind the wheel, such as eating, driving drowsy, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Texting involves looking at the screen of your smartphone rather than the road. This is dangerous because all it takes is a split second of looking away for an accident to occur in a motor vehicle. This is one of the many reasons why texting and driving is illegal in California. Here are some of the other dangers of texting behind the wheel.

It is a distraction

Aside from the obvious distraction of taking your eyes off the road, text messages provide a mental and emotional distraction as well. This is more formally known as a cognitive distraction. When you read a text, your mind becomes focused on the meaning of the message and how to respond, rather than on other drivers around you and pedestrians walking along the road. If you receive a message that you need to respond to immediately, pull off into a safe location before engaging in the conversation.

It takes your hands off the wheel

Many people are able to text using only one hand. However, safe driving manuals recommend always keeping both hands on the steering wheel in order to be able to quickly avoid a collision. Texting takes away your ability to safely maneuver your way out of an unsafe driving situation.

Being aware of the dangers of texting while driving can help reduce the risk of being responsible for a distracted driving accident.

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