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The Types Of Injuries Caused By A Traumatic Dog Bite

The Types Of Injuries Caused By A Traumatic Dog Bite
Christian J. Amendt

The painful bite from your neighbor’s dog led you to seek immediate medical treatment. Your prompt action likely helped you avoid further complications.

Many types of injuries – physical and mental – may occur at the result of dog bite. Some are serious, while others may even prove fatal — all attributed to a negligent dog owner.

Scarring to psychological trauma

A dog bite may lead to serious injuries that promise to disrupt the life of a victim. Expect a lengthy recovery, loss of income, rehabilitation as well as therapy and counseling

Among the injuries and complications may include:

  • Scarring and disfigurement: So severe that a victim’s recovery requires lengthy rehabilitation that, sometimes, is panful. Treatment may include skin grafts along with plastic surgery.
  • Bacterial infections: Such infections may lead to sepsis, tetanus, meningitis, fevers and pneumonia. Infections from a dog bite also may lead to serious harm to a victim’s bones, joints, tendons and blood.
  • Rabies: This is another infection that may be transmitted from a dog bite. If not successfully treated, rabies may prove fatal. Symptoms may include fever, headache and muscle spasms. A vaccine will prevent infection.
  • Harm to muscles, tissues, nerves, ligaments and bones: The strong force of a dog’s teeth and jaws may crush bones and damage muscles and ligaments.
  • Psychological trauma: This may take years to overcome, requiring victims to work with licensed therapists. Post-traumatic stress disorder may be diagnosed after a dog bite, too.

Any of these outcomes are possible after a dog bite. A reckless dog owner must take responsibly for causing your injuries.

Recover through professional help

The memory of a dog bite incident promises to stay with you for the rest of your life. Its lingering effects also may remain with you unless you get the right medical, physical, mental and legal help. Do your best to recover.

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