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These 3 Diseases Can Kill After A Dog Bite

These 3 Diseases Can Kill After A Dog Bite
Christian J. Amendt

Most people love dogs because they’re a normal part of family life in most American homes. Unfortunately, some pets can become dangerous to those around them and to visitors.

When a dog attacks, it can cause serious physical harm, but that’s not the only thing that you should worry about. Even a small puncture wound could be dangerous or deadly if you don’t seek out treatment.

Dog bites can lead to deadly diseases and infections

There are at least three different diseases that you should watch out for after you’re bitten by a dog. These include:

  • Tetanus
  • Rabies
  • MRSA

While most people know about rabies, which is almost always fatal, the other two diseases, tetanus and MRSA, are less often discussed. Here’s a little more information.


Tetanus is caused by the Clostridium tetani bacteria. This bacteria can cause a serious infection that leads to jaw cramping, severe muscle stiffness, trouble swallowing and headaches. Most people are inoculated against tetanus infections, but if you haven’t had a tetanus shot recently, it’s a good idea to get another after you’re bitten.


MRSA is another potentially deadly disease. It is caused by the bacteria strain Staphylococcus aureus. If you get a staph infection from this bacteria, then it will be resistant to many antibiotics and could result in life-threatening symptoms.

These two, along with the well-known disease rabies, can all lead to serious or fatal infections. It’s important to seek medical care right away after a bite and to ask that the owner of the dog provides vaccination records for your medical provider to review when designing your treatment plan.

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