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Tips For Choosing The Best Wet Floor Sign For Your Company

Tips For Choosing The Best Wet Floor Sign For Your Company
Christian J. Amendt

Running a company comes with responsibilities you could never imagine. For example, you might be tasked with finding wet floor signs to display after mopping, cleaning or a spill. These signs are very important and every property should have at least one of them. They warn visitors about the danger of slipping on a wet floor. Having this sign present reduces your liability should someone suffer an injury on your property in California.

Any wet floor sign you purchase for your company should utilize a color that enhances its visibility. That’s why most of the signs you see are yellow. You could also choose red, which is a common color for warning signs. It is best to stick with yellow, keeping your signs uniform with all other wet floor signs.

Your wet floor signs should also use images. Images on signs help to get the message across better for all those who come in contact with it. Images also help people comprehend the message of the sign.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your sign has multiple languages on it, especially if you have a diverse clientele. Most signs have no more than three languages on them so there is plenty of room to print all of them in readable sizes. Choose the languages that best represent your clientele.

All signs that are not being used at the moment should be put in a safe place, out of sight, but easily accessible when needed by staff members. Wet floor signs should be kept in areas where spill hazards happen often.

Wet floor signs help to warn guests to your property that there is a dangerous condition that could injure them. If these signs are not present when there is a leak, a spill, or other liquid issue you could face serious legal implications in Pomona, California.

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