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Tips Motorcyclists Can Use To Avoid Accidents

Tips Motorcyclists Can Use To Avoid Accidents
Christian J. Amendt

Many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers don’t see the bike. Motorcycles are small and fast, and a lot of drivers inadvertently pull out in front of them or cut them off.

These accidents may not even result in injuries for the driver in the car, but they can be deadly for the bikers. Below are a few tips that can help reduce the odds of a crash.

  • Never assume a driver will see you. Always assume they have no idea you’re there and don’t give in to the false sense of security.
  • Scan the road and be aware of other traffic. Identify drivers who may make a mistake — like a driver waiting to turn left through your lane — and watch carefully so that you see it coming.
  • Wear bright clothes. A lot of bikers like to wear black, but it’s actually the absolute worst color you can wear because it blends in with the road.
  • Use signals. Your bike has turn signals. Some riders use hand signals, as well, like cyclists. Go out of your way to make sure all drivers know what you’re doing. Again, don’t assume anything.
  • Slow down. Yes, you have a right to drive the speed limit, but it can be helpful to remember that every mile per hour faster you travel, the less reaction time you’ll have. Slowing down can also reduce the force of the impact if there is a crash.

These tips may help keep you safe, but you can’t always avoid others’ mistakes. If you’re hurt in an accident, you need to know if you have a right to financial compensation.

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