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Traffic Accidents And Fog

Traffic Accidents And Fog
Christian J. Amendt

You could become involved in a traffic collision for many reasons, whether an intoxicated driver hits you or someone collides with you while driving too fast. These risk factors become especially dangerous when visibility is poor as a result of fog, and some accidents occur solely because of low visibility.

Every year, fog leads to many injuries and some victims lose their lives. It is important to understand the dangers associated with poor visibility.

Data on fog-related car accidents

The Federal Highway Administration provides statistics on fog-related traffic accidents. According to the FHWA, over 16,300 people suffer injuries every year as a result of accidents that take place during foggy conditions, and more than 600 lose their lives in these crashes.

Fog can lead to a motor vehicle crash in different ways. For example, fog can lead to speed variance, which increases the odds that vehicles will collide. Additionally, drivers can struggle to see other vehicles and hazards on the road, and traveling around sharp turns can become particularly dangerous.

Other considerations regarding visibility and traffic accidents

Aside from fog, other factors can affect visibility, such as smoke, dust and wind-driven snow. Sometimes, it is smart to avoid driving altogether until conditions improve. However, if you must drive when visibility is less than ideal, you need to remain vigilant.

Sadly, some drivers show no regard for others and speed or use their phones during foggy conditions, which significantly increases the odds of a crash. If another driver’s carelessness led to a crash that left you injured, you need to assess your legal options.

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