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Two Injured In Carneros Highway Accident

Two Injured In Carneros Highway Accident
Christian J. Amendt

Drivers on the Carneros Highway witnessed a startling accident on the morning of July, 25th, 2016, when 41 year old Souraxay Chanthavong of Santa Rosa lost control of her 2001 Honda Civic and wound up entering the opposing lane. CHP Officer Marc Renspurger reports that the car was then broadsided by a Fiat 500c, being driven by 60 year old Napa resident Becky Scott.

The incident resulted in major injuries for both drivers and, fortunately, no additional damages. Initial reports suggest that the injuries sustained by both parties are serious, but not life-threatening.

The report stands as an example of a story wherein fault can be difficult to determine. At a glance, Chanthavong might be assumed to be wholly responsible for the incident, but there are several factors which will require further investigation before fault can be determined.

A point worth considering: To what do we owe Chanthavong losing control over her vehicle? Many cases have come to show that it was not the driver that was at fault in an accident, but faulty manufacturing or repairs. Likewise, the public does not have access to certain details such as the behavior of other drivers in Chanthavong’s lane. It’s not unreasonable to wonder if a reckless driver forced Chanthavong into opposing traffic.

It’s rare that an auto accident can be pinpointed to a single cause when going on nothing but the information that is available in the initial reports. Oftentimes, a personal injury attorney’s job involves some detective work in tracing an accident back through the chain of events that caused it to occur. On the sprawling freeways of California, even the safest driver can be found at fault in an accident for which they should not be blamed. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, the right lawyer can ensure that the judge’s decision is informed by more than a cursory glance at the incident.

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