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Wet Floors Could Lead To California Premises Liability Claims

Wet Floors Could Lead To California Premises Liability Claims
Christian J. Amendt

Winter has arrived in California, and premises liability is on business owners’ minds. Although we are not a location that is always known for ice or other slippery conditions, customers are often at risk for slip-and-fall accidents during the winter months. Experts say that keeping retail customers safe while shopping takes a concerted effort among all employees, particularly in facilities like a shopping mall or grocery store.

Insurance agents are encouraging business owners to keep an adequate supply of “wet floor” signs on hand. These businesses should also have a designated crew to clean up wet floor spots as soon as possible, preventing falls for wintertime visitors. Failure to maintain a business’s floor could lead to litigation for the property owner, according to those “in the know.”

Shoppers themselves can also take some steps to be safe during the wetter months. Premises liability experts say that wearing shoes with a more pronounced tread can be helpful. Taking smaller steps on wet or icy surfaces can also prevent injuries for those who are out and about this time of year.

Victims who have been injured because of icy sidewalks or lack of repair may be able to recover financial damages from the negligent property owner. Shoppers should be able to purchase items at a store without having to worry about dealing with hazardous conditions. These can include icy sidewalks and slippery conditions, but any dangerous property condition puts the property owner at risk. Victims who have suffered physical, emotional and financial damages from lost time away from work or personal injury may be entitled to legal redress. A qualified attorney can help you determine whether you are eligible for this type of compensation.

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