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What Are Some Options To Replace Lost Income?

What Are Some Options To Replace Lost Income?
Christian J. Amendt

An accident at work in California can leave you unable to perform your job for the foreseeable future. Facing the uncertainty of having no steady income while you recover, you may have concerns of financial hardship.

Knowing some of your options to replace lost income can help you determine a solution. Having temporary financial support may alleviate some of your stress so you can focus on your recovery.

Social security disability benefits

The Social Security Administration provides eligible applicants with supplemental income under specified circumstances. According to the SSA, you must meet their disability criteria. How they will determine whether or not your injury qualifies for supplemental support includes considerations like the following:

  • Your disability will last longer than a year and significantly impact your ability to work
  • Your condition readily prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA)
  • Your former job is no longer an option given your physical impairments

Minor, temporary or partial disabilities do not receive SSD coverage. If you feel that your condition mirrors the SSA’s requirements, you can file an application and await their decision.

Workers’ compensation benefits

Another, more generalized, option you have is to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. This option is particularly useful if you know that eventually, you will fully recover. Your employer may not pay out benefits if your injury was the result of carelessness, ignorance of safety guidelines or violence. If your injury occurred because you were under the influence or if your employer does not have adequate evidence of your injury happening at work, they may also reject your claim.

If you have trouble securing some kind of supplemental income, an attorney can sometimes help you achieve a different outcome. Relying on legal guidance may enable you to focus more of your energy on your recovery while someone you trust handles the legalities of your situation.

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