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What Are Some Signs Of An Aggressive Dog?

What Are Some Signs Of An Aggressive Dog?
Christian J. Amendt

An aggressive and angry dog can cause many problems, including serious bites that can lead to infections. However, it is not always obvious that a dog is showing signs of aggression or may harm you at any moment.

Staying aware of this danger can help you if you are a victim of a bite or attack.

Differences in noises

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an increase in the number of growls and bared teeth can signal that a dog is becoming angrier. You may notice that their barks sound deeper than before, which can make them seem less happy and more annoyed.

Changes in movement

When they first feel threatened, dogs will often stay still and not move as much as they did before. You may even notice them in a tense stance where their tails will not wag back and forth like usual.

In general, you will see a lack of playful movement or an attempt to relax around you. Some of these signs may seem confusing at first, since dogs may not necessarily get more active or outwardly angry right away.

Increase in warning barks and nips

When threatened or frustrated, dogs may start to growl and snarl louder. A quick pounce toward you or a push against you with their nose can also signal that they may get more aggressive in a short amount of time.

They may even take nips at you in small ways that do not necessarily break your skin or leave you in pain. Noticing these signs of aggression is important for anyone who has struggled after a dog bite.