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What Are The Symptoms Of Road Rash?

What Are The Symptoms Of Road Rash?
Christian J. Amendt

After a recent motorcycle crash, you want a full accounting of your injuries to build your personal injury case. Do you know how to diagnose motorcycle accident injuries, such as road rash?

WebMD explains common road rash symptoms. Determine which treatment options you need to make a full recovery from someone else’s negligence.

Common road rash

The most common example of road rash is surface burns. You likely need not receive emergency medical treatment for a superficial burn, but letting a doctor examine you to let you know one way or another does not hurt. Usually, a common road rash clears up in a couple of weeks and does not leave a scar. If your doctor says you sustained a more severe injury, you may require skin grafting, dermabrasion or free flap surgery. More severe rashes could also leave a hypertrophic scar.

Traumatic tattoos

Motorcycle accidents victims who suffer severe road rash may develop traumatic tattoos. Such injuries happen when metal, dirt or rocks become embedded in the skin. Without proper medical treatment, foreign objects may become trapped in the skin permanently, and the healed area could look more like a bruise.

Physicians recommend cleaning motorcycle accident wounds sooner rather than later, but you may need a medical professional’s help to do a thorough job. You could also need surgical scrubbing to tend the wound fully. If so, your doctor may recommend general anesthesia to reduce your pain. Let your medical team know if a severe road rash does not clear up after two weeks.

You cannot afford to take chances with motorcycle accident injuries or road rash. Educating yourself on motorcycle accident injuries and their symptoms helps you make well-informed decisions to protect your health and legal rights.

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