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What Are The Impacts Of Frontal Lobe Injuries?

What Are The Impacts Of Frontal Lobe Injuries?
Christian J. Amendt

Head injuries often cause complex trauma that can affect people in different ways depending on numerous factors.

At the same time, since each area of the brain holds similar functionality for every person, injuries to one area will often result in the same sort of problems to each victim. This includes trauma to the frontal lobe.

What does the frontal lobe control?

Mayo Clinic talks about trauma to the brain. As mentioned, this trauma may manifest differently depending on factors like the force behind the impact or the overall health of the victim.

When it comes to the frontal lobe specifically, this area of the brain controls emotional regulation, impulses and also helps convert short-term memories to long-term memories. Thus, these areas see the biggest impact.

Behavioral changes

Regarding behavioral and impulse changes, this is often the issue that the loved ones of a victim notice the most. Victims will often lash out at their loved ones even if they never had a history of doing so before. They often seem unusually aggressive or easily agitated. They could also say or do things that seem extremely out of character because they no longer have the same level of inhibition.

Issues with memory

As far as memories go, with the frontal lobe damaged, most people have a hard time translating their short-term memories into long-term ones. This can have lasting and serious impacts on a victim’s overall mental health and ability to live their lives. Many people have to restructure their lives to accommodate for their memory struggles. Some even end up having to leave their jobs.

Combined, these factors can make life a struggle in the aftermath of an accident.

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