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What Can Uber Passengers Do If Injured In An Accident?

What Can Uber Passengers Do If Injured In An Accident?
Christian J. Amendt

Uber and similar carpooling apps have been big hits in Los Angeles and Orange counties. It is no wonder, as the area is generally home to new innovations from the ridesharing industry, including a new feature recently introduced by Uber that allows customers to enjoy lower fees by walking a short distance.

Ubers may be convenient, but they are still susceptible to accidents like any other vehicle. Uber accidents occur frequently, and as a passenger, you may assume there is nothing for you to do. However, there are still actions you need to take because you could have sustained injuries from the event.

Get a medical evaluation

You may feel fine, but symptoms of whiplash sometimes do not appear until days after the accident. See a doctor shortly after the incident once you have taken care of everything you need to at the scene.

Collect photos and gather evidence

Similarly to if you drove the car, you want to take pictures of both vehicles involved in the collision with your phone. This makes for useful evidence with an insurance claim. You also want to collect both drivers’ insurance information and phone numbers. If there are any bystanders who witnessed the crash, then you should speak with them. You do not have to get full testimony at the scene, but you should see if the witness would offer to testify in court if it comes to that.

Contact the police

You want an official police report documenting the incident. The cops will come to the scene to determine who is at fault. This is incredibly useful if you need to go to court later.

Contact the company

Whether you rode with Uber or Lyft, you want to contact the company to bring attention to the accident. Drivers should contact the companies personally, but you never know if the driver wants to sweep this under the rug. Be proactive and file a report with everyone.

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