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What Do I Do After A Hit-And-Run?

What Do I Do After A Hit-And-Run?
Christian J. Amendt

Even if the day finds you dealing with a very minor car accident with no injuries, it is likely to be a major frustration point. However, if the other driver decides to flee the scene, your frustration levels will no doubt skyrocket.

As a result, hit-and-run accidents are one of the most frustrating kinds to manage in the aftermath. State Farm Insurance recommends that you stay at the scene of the crash and be especially sure to interview any witnesses to the accident.

The wisdom of staying put

As you are watching the other driver flee the scene, you may have a very strong desire to chase after him or her. Do not do this. Instead, move your car out of traffic if necessary and possible, and call nine-one-one if anybody has sustained an injury at the scene.

If nobody sustained an injury, call the police non-emergency number so that you can file a police report. Later on, this will help you deal with your insurance, even if the police do not catch the fleeing driver.

Getting help from witnesses

You should make sure to document the scene of the crash as well as you can, the same way that you would in a “regular” accident. However, witnesses are especially important in hit-and-run accidents. Particularly since so many people have smartphones, it is possible that a savvy witness realized what was going on and got a photo or video footage of the other driver. If this is the case, it will be much easier for the police to track down the culprit.

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