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What Do Property Owners Need To Do To Prevent Accidents?

What Do Property Owners Need To Do To Prevent Accidents?
Christian J. Amendt

The place where you slip and fall may make a difference as to the compensation you can make a claim for. The reason for your fall is also key to your case.

When the location where you slip and fall is another person’s premises where the proper precautions to prevent your injury weren’t taken, you can file a claim against the property owner. In most cases, that person will then be obligated to compensate you for your injuries.

What is expected of a property owner?

It’s expected that property owners will prevent accidents by caring for their premises’ and by making sure any hazards are marked. For example, if the flooring in a business’s building is cracked or angled, there should be warning signs to indicate that. If waxing has recently been done or if water has collected, there should be a warning to let customers know that the flooring could be slick. The change in the condition of the floor is also a potential issue; if the floor is slick and then suddenly gritty, this could potentially lead to an accident and can be considered negligence on the part of the home or business owner.

With rugs and carpets, these flooring materials should not be pushed up or bunched; when the carpet moves under your feet, you’re much more likely to trip on excess fabric or to slide on the surface. If the carpet sticks up, it could also catch on your shoes or clothing, making it more likely that you’ll trip or be pulled down by the material. Even curled edges or holes in the material can be hazardous and should have been marked or repaired.

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