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What Does A Proper Motorcycle Helmet Look Like?

What Does A Proper Motorcycle Helmet Look Like?
Christian J. Amendt

A motorcyclist should always wear the safest helmet possible whenever he or she rides on the open road.

Some important features of a helmet, such as the safety ratings and sizing, may be hard to know when you first shop for one. However, learning more about them can help you in case of an accident.

Correctly fits your head

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each helmet should be test fitted to the closest head shape possible. You may have a long oval head, a round oval or an intermediate oval sized head. Each one impacts the type of helmet you should buy.

Measuring your head size before purchasing a helmet can help keep it tight and snug without causing painful pressure points on your forehead.

Displays an official sticker

The Department of Transportation provides a self-certified approval method for every helmet that meets certain safety standards. If you notice a sticker on the back of your helmet that states it meets these standards, then it is DOT compliant.

These kinds of helmets are more likely to cushion your head from a dangerous blow in the event of a crash or prevent your skull from harm if you fall off the motorcycle.

Built for the road

In some cases, vendors may sell novelty helmets that do not properly protect your head. These items are thinner than real helmets and do not have any inner foam liner. They are also generally lighter and can easily break if you are in an accident.

Choosing the right helmet for use on the road can impact your health and safety.