What Factors Can Lead To A Slip And Fall Accident?

What Factors Can Lead To A Slip And Fall Accident?
Christian J. Amendt

Whether you are shopping in a store or visiting another public place, there are certain factors that can lead to a serious amount of injuries if you slip and fall.

When dealing with spinal or brain trauma from falling, these issues may be the root cause of the slip.

Uncleaned puddles of liquid

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, broken bottles of juices or water can slowly leak out and cause a puddle on the floor. Although it is a requirement for stores to keep the floors clean at all times, a negligent employee may fail to clean up certain spills.

Wet or slippery areas should always have a warning sign near them. Additionally, liquid from a wet mop or rainwater tracked inside can also lead to a person slipping without realizing it. Some floors even require a special non-skid cleaner and if it is not used, then you may be at risk.

Uneven and unsafe surfaces

Keeping floors clear of obstacles is an important part of cleaning up a building or a store. When the carpet on the ground begins to come undone or the floor begins to crack severely, it can lead to people tripping. Someone may catch their shoe on a loose tile or edge of carpet and fall suffering a personal injury.

Safety railings on stairs going into or out of a building also need to be well-kept. If these railings are rotting away or are not properly constructed, then anyone who rests their hands on them will likely trip and fall down multiple stairs. Noticing the dangers of slipping and falling and the ways it happens can help you.

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