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What Should I Do During A Dog Attack?

What Should I Do During A Dog Attack?
Christian J. Amendt

The best way to protect yourself from severe injuries during a dog attack is to learn how to get away from the animal.

PetPlace explains if you cannot avoid the dog, you need to make sure you remain as calm as possible. It may be natural to panic but keeping calm will help you to maintain a clear head and think quickly.

Do not run

The worst reaction you can have to a dog coming at you is to run. The dog will chase you, and it is highly likely it will catch you. The momentum when the dog jumps on you will slam you to the ground, making it tough for you to get away.

Get behind a barrier

You should put something between you and the dog. It could be as simple as a purse or a shirt. Larger barriers, though, are ideal. Blocking the dog and separating yourself from it can make it pause and give you time to decide your next move.

Back away

Do not turn your back on the dog. Instead, walk backward. Keep your eye on the animal and move calmly and slowly. Keeping the dog in front of you is essential to avoiding a lunge at you. Once the dog sees you are vulnerable, which you are with your back to it, it will take that moment to advance.

When a dog is aggressively threatening you, you have to do everything possible to deescalate the situation and get out of there, but some moves you make could make things worse. Learning the key steps to take could save you from serious injuries.

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