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What Should I Know When Riding My Bike To Work?

What Should I Know When Riding My Bike To Work?
Christian J. Amendt

Riding your bike to work is a great way to save money on fuel costs while also preserving the environment. However, riding on the street with other cars and other vehicles is intimidating for first-time riders, which is why safety is so important. offers the following recommendations in this case.

Get the right gear

Gear is important for safety reasons, but also to keep you comfortable. Consider picking up a reliable jacket to be worn on rainy days, such as one made from moisture-repelling material to keep you dry. You also want to invest in a sturdy helmet, which should be worn every time you ride your bike. Good gear will often be a little more expensive, but it should last a long time when made from quality materials. Also, consider the money you’re saving on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs when investing in your bicycle gear.

Take it easy at first

Commuting to and from work every day can be intimidating when you’ve never actually done it before. In this case, stary by riding your bike to work one or two days a week until you become acclimated. If you don’t want to drive a vehicle on other days, consider public transportation like buses, which often have racks to put your bike on the front of the bus. Once you feel more comfortable with the process and know what to expect, you can increase the number of days you ride.

Get familiar with the route

In the same token, you may want to try out the route you’ll be riding before you actually go for a busy morning commute. If your route to work is along a hectic street, this is especially important, as you’ll be obligated to follow the rules of the road along with other drivers. If you find the street is too busy for your liking, consider looking for another route.

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