What’s More Distracting Than Your Phone?

What’s More Distracting Than Your Phone?
Christian J. Amendt

For several years, there have been articles and ads about not using your phone while driving. More recently, most states (including California) have added laws restricting or banning handheld phone usage while driving.

While most drivers have put down their phones, distracted drivers are still causing accidents. Using your phone while driving is dangerous, but it is not the only distraction in your vehicle.

Here’s what you should know about the other distractions in your car (and how you can manage them).

Kids are more dangerous than you think

Small children are one of the most distracting things you can have in your vehicle. Kids, especially young ones, do not understand that interruptions can be distracting for a driver who needs to focus on the road.

Still, your children need to go to playdates, daycare and appointments.

There are a few components to driving safely with your kids in the car, such as:

  • Keeping them in a secure child seat
  • Teaching older children to care for younger ones
  • Training children to be safe passengers
  • Bringing along a helper when you drive

It can be difficult to hear that your child wants your attention while you are driving. However, knowing they are in a secure child seat without access to dangerous objects can give you peace of mind when navigating through traffic. Keep in mind that if you are distracted while driving, you may risk the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

If you know you will have challenges driving safely with your children, you may want to leave early so that you have time for emergency stops. While reaching in the backseat for a dropped snack or toy may seem simple, taking your eyes off the road could lead to a serious collision.

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