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Why Do Some Dogs Resort To Biting?

Why Do Some Dogs Resort To Biting?
Christian J. Amendt

Almost everyone loves dogs. We show our love by sharing cute videos of dogs on our Facebook pages or following famous pets on Instagram. Most dog lovers also own dogs and love them like their pets are their children.

However, there is always a chance our favorite furry friends may resort to a bite. But why would a dog bite you, especially in a friendly situation?

Four reasons why a dog bites

It’s very unlikely a dog will bite a person spontaneously; usually, there is a reason behind the action. Some of the most common causes include:

  1. The animal is scared – dogs act based on their instincts when afraid. Unfortunately, some dogs bite when frightened, while others run away in fear.
  2. The dog feels threatened – some pets feel the need to protect their owner, themselves or their territory. They might bite a person if they perceive the person as a threat to any of those things.
  3. The pet is sick – it seems like a strange reason, but animals tend to want to be alone to heal from an injury or to deal with their illness. If someone keeps invading their space, they might bite you, so you leave them alone.
  4. The animal is overly excited – sometimes, a pet gets too excited during playtime and nips the person by accident. While it is an accident, it may result in an injury.

No matter what the reason, animal bites still happen. Luckily, knowing the reasons help people prevent threatening dogs accidentally and getting bit.

For example, receive permission from an animal’s owner before approaching. The owner knows their pet’s behavior towards strangers. If your child wants to approach the animal, teach them to ask permission and let the dog come to them. It increases the chance of a friendly encounter.

Also, analyze the dog’s body language – just like you would do with a new person. If they are hunching, showing teeth or barking, it isn’t safe to a pet that specific dog. Again, reiterate this point to your children to prevent any incidents.

However, a dog may bite you even if you take the right steps. If you or a loved one is bitten, gather the owner’s information and immediately clean the wound with soap and water. Then, you need to contact a healthcare professional to see if you need any shots or follow-up treatments.

If you have costly medical bills or lost wages due to the injury, consider seeking action against the dog’s owner. According to California law, owners are strictly liable for bite-related injuries. But you will need the owner’s information and evidence of the animal bite.

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