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Why Do Some People Need Plastic Surgery After Bite Attacks?

Why Do Some People Need Plastic Surgery After Bite Attacks?
Christian J. Amendt

Facing a dog bite attack is traumatic for numerous reasons. It can create massive financial loss, depending on the amount and type of medical treatment needed. It can also leave scars both physically and mentally.

Even the physical scarring from a bite attack can have a significant impact on a victim’s well-being. Many consider plastic surgery to serve as a crucial function of recovery.

Types of treatment

Biodermis looks into discussing dog bite treatments. There are certain types of non-invasive scar treatment and management, especially for scars that are not as severe. In these cases, it is possible to use things like laser refraction in order to remove some of the dark pigmentations of a healed or healing scar or to smooth out some of the ridges that may have gotten created.

But in other cases, the damage is simply too vast for topical or non-invasive treatments to handle. In such situations, it may seem best to opt for plastic surgery or some other form of corrective surgery for appearances.

Covering surgery costs

However, insurance companies often see “cosmetic procedures” of all degrees as elective. In short, many will not pay for these surgeries, even if the impact of a scar on one’s psyche is deep.

To that end, many victims of bite injuries will seek financial compensation. Not only can this help cover other medical bills, but it can also help cover the steep cost of corrective or cosmetic surgery needed to restore one’s appearance back to its original state before the attack, which can help ease a great mental burden from the victim.

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