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Wrongful Death Suit For Multiple Drivers In Fiery Car Crash Case

Wrongful Death Suit For Multiple Drivers In Fiery Car Crash Case
Christian J. Amendt

The driver of a passenger vehicle involved in a 2014 vehicle crash is suing an individual driver and a big-rig transportation company in connection with the collision. The man is seeking financial compensation for wrongful death in the California incident, which was one of the year’s most gruesome car accidents. Official reports show that the man’s entire family died in the fiery wreckage. Under fire in the incident: Pomona-based Lexmar Distribution and an individual driver.

This crash occurred when the driver of a BMW lost control of that vehicle and collided with the rear of the victim’s van, which was parked along the side of the road. The van was spun into oncoming traffic because of the crash, which put the smaller vehicle in the path of a large semi truck. The truck driver was apparently unable to brake and smashed into the family vehicle, setting it ablaze and sending it careering down an embankment.

The victim in the case says that he tried to extricate his family members from the burning wreckage, but he was not successful. He had to stand by in futility as his family members burned to death. The man lost his wife and two sons in the tragic collision, according to news reports.

Victims who have suffered such atrocities deserve financial compensation for their physical, emotional and medical expenses. The reckless driver who caused this tragic crash should be held accountable for the consequences of the car accident — particularly the survivor’s pain and suffering. No one should have to stand by and watch as their entire family perishes in a fiery blaze. Personal injury attorneys can assist these victims in recovering the money they need and deserve after this type of incident.

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