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Your Rights As A Bicyclist

Your Rights As A Bicyclist
Christian J. Amendt

As an avid bicyclist in Pomona, you know firsthand just how enjoyable (and efficient) a method of transportation your bike can be. Sadly, you also are likely aware of the dangers bicyclists often encounter when trying to share the road with motorists. Many will often question (in the wake of a bicycle accident) why one was riding their bike on the road anyway. This attitude of the roadway only being reserved for cars prompts many bicyclists to come to us here at Amendt Law questioning whether it is actually true. You will be happy to hear that it is not.

California state law views bicycles in the same manner it does other vehicles, and thus allows bicyclists the same rights and privileges. That means that motorists must treat you as though you are driving a vehicle, including providing you safe distance when passing and yielding the right-of-way at intersections.

There are, however, special provisions to the law that dictate certain responsibilities you have as a bicyclist. You likely cannot keep up with the speed of traffic under your own power. Therefore, in order to avoid you impeding the flow of traffic, Section 21202 of the California Vehicle Code mandates that when you are traveling at a speed slower than the vehicles around you, you right your bike as close to the right-side curb as is practical. The only exceptions to this statute are situations where:

  • You are passing another bike or vehicle
  • You are preparing to turn left on to a private roadway or driveway
  • You are approaching a location where a right turn is authorized
  • You are attempting to avoid a hazard

This restriction does not apply when traveling down a one-way road. You can learn more about your rights as a bicyclist by continuing to explore our site.

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