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Are Small Dogs More Aggressive?

Are Small Dogs More Aggressive?
Christian J. Amendt

For many people, it’s natural to be a bit nervous when you see a large, powerful-looking dog, such as a German Shepard. These dogs are so strong and fast that, if they were to attack, it’s hard to imagine how you would defend yourself.

Fortunately, many large breeds are very relaxed and calm, and they would never attack anyway. Should you actually be more concerned about smaller dogs?

A lot of times, these small breeds actually are a lot more aggressive. Some have even noticed it so often that they call it “small dog syndrome.” If you’re out for a run in your neighborhood and a dog charges you, odds are it’s a smaller one, rather than the bigger breeds that may appear more dangerous or inspire more fear.

Some experts have studied animal behavior and they suggest that it is the dog’s small stature that makes it more aggressive. The root of the issue is that the dog is more nervous and concerned about being hurt itself. To offset this, it acts aggressively, attacks sooner and tries to get the upper hand through a show of force.

A large dog, on the other hand, isn’t scared of you. It knows that it is big and strong enough to protect itself and, interestingly, this very knowledge means that it does not feel compelled to prove it.

No matter how large a dog is when it attacks, you can absolutely suffer serious, life-changing injuries. If this happens, it is crucial that you know how to seek compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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