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Blue-Collar Workers Often Have More To Lose After A Car Crash

Blue-Collar Workers Often Have More To Lose After A Car Crash
Christian J. Amendt

If you get hurt in a car crash, the cost of the care you need may pale in comparison to the secondary consequences of the injury. The worse you get hurt, the harder it may be for you to get back to work quickly.

Lost wages are often a major contributing factor to the overall costs of a car crash for a victim. For those who work blue-collar jobs, lost wages after a car crash can be a much more pressing concern than for those in white-collar professions.

Blue-collar employers can’t always accommodate an injury

When a worker gets hurt, employers generally have an obligation to try to work with them and help keep them on the job if possible. It is easy for someone in an administrative position to shift responsibilities or ask for small accommodations in order to continue working with a broken leg.

The same isn’t true for someone who has to stand on a production line or pick products in a warehouse. If your employer doesn’t have less demanding job responsibilities to accommodate your injury, you may not be able to return to work until you fully heal.

An injury can permanently alter a blue-collar worker’s earnings

Being able to perform demanding, physical work can allow you to command premium wages from companies. If you can’t work long shifts or if you lose the strength, flexibility or stamina you once capitalized on because of an injury, the result could be a permanent reduction in your earning potential.

You need to consider not only the short-term lost wages after your injury but also the potential for ongoing pain, reduced range of motion and similar long-term symptoms to limit your return to work.

Getting compensation for lost wages, including lost earning potential, is an important consideration when someone else hurts you in a car crash. Having support at every turn, from deciding what form of compensation you need to negotiating better terms will limit the impact of the injury on your future.

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