Can Halloween Come Back To Haunt Homeowners?

Can Halloween Come Back To Haunt Homeowners?
Christian J. Amendt

It’s almost time for the scariest of seasons — Halloween. Whether you are planning on taking the kids around your Pomona neighborhood for trick-or-treating or will be manning the treat bowl at your own home, there are some things you should know about staying safe on Halloween.

No one wants to end Halloween with a visit to the local emergency room (ER). The following tips could keep both your family and your Halloween visitors safer this year.

Don’t put masks on trick-or-treaters

Parents of a certain age likely remember the plastic masks they wore in the 70s and 80s when out trick-or-treating. But the masks diminish kids’ fields of vision and can increase their risk of accidents. Instead, choose nontoxic face paints to create unique characters.

Beware of dangerous decorations

Having the best-decorated house on your block will be small consolation after a trick-or-treater stumbles over your decorations and you face a premises liability claim for damages.

Make sure that there is a clear path to get treats, all wires are covered, extension cords don’t pose tripping hazards and there are no other obvious safety hazards on your property.

Leave a light on

The last thing you want to worry about is a wee one getting hurt on your property, so make sure your walkway and any stairs to the porch are well-lit. If you want to retain a spooky atmosphere, purchase Halloween-themed decorative lighting to string along their path.

Don’t spook your guests (too much)

Scaring visitors might be part of your annual Halloween oeuvre but exercise caution. Jumping out from behind a pillar or decoration might scare kids enough that they fall off your porch and get seriously hurt.

Halloween can be a fun and spooky holiday to celebrate. But if you or your children get hurt this year, understand your rights to seek compensation under California law.

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